Definition & Meaning of "G1"

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g1 :
good one

Usage of G1

G1 is an abbreviation that stands for “good one” and is used as a way to show approval or agreement. It’s typically used as a short response in text conversations, but can be used in other online conversations in place of words like “great” or “amazing.” An example of a text message that uses the abbreviation G1 would be “Hey I just got a new job! G1!” Here are 3 other examples of text messages where G1 can be used:

1. "I just got 98% on my test, G1!"
2. "I just got a date with my crush, G1!"
3. "I just finished my project, G1!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "g1"

g00g13 :
g1 :
good one
v4g1n4 :
wwg1wga :
where we go one we go all

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