Definition & Meaning of "FUQ"

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fuq :
f**k you

Usage of FUQ

The abbreviation FUQ is a crude and offensive abbreviation that stands for 'f**k you'. It is commonly used in informal texting and online messaging to express anger, frustration, or contempt towards someone.

Examples of FUQ used in texting:
1) Friend A: Hey, wanna go out tonight?
Friend B: Sorry, I can't. I have to work.
Friend A: FUQ, that sucks.
2) Person A: Can you lend me some money?
Person B: Sorry, I don't have any to spare.
Person A: FUQ you then.
3) Boss: I need you to work overtime this weekend.
Employee: FUQ that, I already have plans.

These examples show how the abbreviation FUQ can be used to express negative emotions towards someone or something. It is important to note that this abbreviation is extremely vulgar and offensive, and should be used with caution or avoided altogether in professional and formal settings.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fuq"

dafuq :
What the f**k
fuq :
f**k you

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