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fulla :
Full of

Usage of FULLA

The abbreviation FULLA is a shorthand way of communicating the phrase 'Full of'. It's a quick and efficient way to express that something or someone is completely filled with a particular quality, emotion or substance. For example, you could use it to describe a friend who is full of energy, a bowl that is full of noodles, or an event that is full of excitement. In texting, where brevity is key, it's a useful tool for saving time and characters.

Example 1: "I'm so FULLA anticipation for the concert tonight!"
Example 2: "This smoothie is FULLA berries and deliciousness."
Example 3: "My inbox is FULLA emails from work. Can't catch a break!"

Examples of FULLA used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fulla"

fulla :
Full of

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