Definition & Meaning of "FUKIN"

What does fukin mean? View the definition of fukin and all related slang terms containing fukin below:

fukin :

Usage of FUKIN

The abbreviation FUKIN is commonly used in texting and informal communication to denote the word "f**king." It is often used to emphasize strong emotion or intensity, particularly anger, frustration, or passion. This abbreviation is also commonly used in casual conversations among friends or peers who are comfortable using vulgar language.

Examples of FUKIN used in texting:

1) "I can't believe he was FUKIN late again!" - Example of FUKIN used to express frustration.
2) "That movie was FUKIN amazing!" - Example of FUKIN used to express enthusiasm.
3) "I'm so FUKIN sick of this bulls**t." - Example of FUKIN used to express anger.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fukin"

fukin :

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