Definition & Meaning of "FUHGET"

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fuhget :

Usage of FUHGET

The abbreviation FUHGET is commonly used in texting and means 'forget'. It is a slang term used to express the idea of forgetting something or someone. It can be used in a variety of situations, from forgetting to do a task to forgetting about a person who is no longer important. The term is often used in informal conversations and can be helpful to save time when texting.

Example 1 of FUHGET used in texting:
Friend 1: "Hey, did you remember to bring the snacks for the movie tonight?"
Friend 2: "Oh no, I FUHGET! I'm on my way to pick them up now."

Example 2 of FUHGET used in texting:
Mom: "Don't forget to clean your room before you go out with your friends."
Teen: "Okay, FUHGET the room, but I promise to come back early."

Example 3 of FUHGET used in texting:
Coworker 1: "Did you remember to send that email to the boss?"
Coworker 2: "No, I totally FUHGET. Thanks for reminding me."

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fuhget :

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