Definition & Meaning of "FLOABT"

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floabt :
for lack of a better term

Usage of FLOABT

The abbreviation "FLOABT" stands for "for lack of a better term." It is often used when someone cannot think of a more suitable or accurate way to express something, so they use this phrase as a placeholder or to indicate that their terminology may not be the most precise or specific.

Example 1 (FLOABT used in texting):
Person 1: That movie we saw last night was...FLOABT...interesting.
Person 2: Haha, I know what you mean. Not really sure how I felt about it either.

Example 2 (FLOABT used in texting):
Person 1: Can you describe the new restaurant we went to last weekend?
Person 2: It was...FLOABT...fancy? Like, it had good food and a nice atmosphere, but it was definitely on the fancier side.

Example 3 (FLOABT used in texting):
Person 1: How was your blind date last night?
Person 2: It was...FLOABT...awkward. We didn't really have much to talk about and there were a lot of awkward silences.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "floabt"

floabt :
for lack of a better term

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