Definition & Meaning of "FAVE"

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fave :

Usage of FAVE

The abbreviation FAVE is commonly used in texting to mean "favorite." It's often used when referring to something that is liked or preferred over other options. For example, someone might say "This pizza place is my FAVE" meaning it's their favorite pizza place.

Example of FAVE used in texting:
1. "What's your FAVE movie of all time?"
2. "Can you send me a list of your FAVE songs?"
3. "I need a new book to read, what's your FAVE author?"

These texts are all using the abbreviation FAVE in place of the word "favorite." It's a commonly used abbreviation that saves time and space when texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fave"

fave :

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