Definition & Meaning of "F00K"

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f00k :

Usage of F00K

The abbreviation "F00K" is a slang term used to replace the word "f**k" in text messages. It is often used to express anger, frustration, or disbelief. The numerical substitution of 00 in place of the letter 'oo' allows users to bypass censorship filters and avoid using profanity in more formal settings.

Example 1:

Person A: Did you see what happened to my phone?
Person B: F00K, no! What happened?

Example 2:

Person A: I just got an F on my test.
Person B: Oh, F00K! That sucks.

Example 3:

Person A: I can't believe he said that to me.
Person B: WTF, that's f00ked up!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "f00k"

f00k :

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