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Usage of EXP

The abbreviation EXP is commonly used in both formal and informal settings to mean 'experience'. Experience refers to the knowledge, skills, and understanding that is gained through one's involvement in various activities or events. It is often used when someone is describing their past involvement or knowledge in a particular field or subject matter. For example, someone may say "I have a lot of EXP in managing teams" to indicate that they have a significant amount of experience in managing groups of people.

Examples of EXP used in texting:

1. "Hey, have you ever gone bungee jumping before? I'm nervous about trying it for the first time, but I want to gain some EXP in extreme sports."
2. "I'm applying for a marketing job, and they're looking for someone with EXP in social media management. Do you have any tips for how to highlight my EXP in my resume?"
3. "Thanks for inviting me to your restaurant opening! I had a great time and gained some valuable EXP tasting your dishes. Congratulations on the new venture!"

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exp :

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