Definition & Meaning of "EOB"

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eob :
End of Business

Usage of EOB

The abbreviation EOB represents the phrase 'End of Business.' EOB refers to the official conclusion of business activities, typically at the end of a workday. This term is commonly used in different industries and contexts, such as scheduling appointments or setting deadlines. Abbreviations like EOB are useful in texting since they help save time and improve efficiency.

Example 1:
Person A: Hi, can you send me the report by EOB today?
Person B: Sure, I will have it ready and sent over before 5 pm.

Example 2:
Person A: Hi, do you want to meet for coffee tonight?
Person B: Sorry, I can’t make it. I have a meeting at EOB.

Example 3:
Person A: Hey, I need some help with this project. Can you finish it EOB tomorrow?
Person B: Yes, I can complete it by the end of the business day tomorrow.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "eob"

eob :
End of Business

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