Definition & Meaning of "EFFED"

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effed :

Usage of EFFED

The abbreviation 'EFFED' is a slang term that is used to describe something that is ruined, messed up, or dysfunctional. The term is a shortened form of the past participle of the verb "to f**k," which refers to sexual intercourse, but has come to be used in a broader sense to describe any situation in which things have gone wrong or become unpleasant. In texting, the term 'EFFED' is often used as an abbreviation to convey a sense of frustration or disappointment with a situation.

Examples of EFFED used in texting:

1. "I can't believe I got a flat tire on my way to work. My whole day is EFFED."
2. "I was supposed to meet my friend for lunch, but they canceled at the last minute. Now my plans are EFFED."
3. "I accidentally deleted all of my photos from my phone. I'm so EFFED."

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effed :

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