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Usage of E.G.

The abbreviation 'e.g.' stands for 'exempli gratia,' which is Latin for 'for example.' It is used to introduce an example or list of examples in a sentence. For instance, if someone asks for restaurant recommendations, you could say, "There are many great restaurants in this neighborhood, e.g. The Italian Kitchen, The Mexican Grill, and The French Bistro."

Examples of e.g. used in texting:

1. Are you looking for a new hobby? There are plenty of options out there, e.g. painting, knitting, and hiking.
(Example of e.g. used to list examples)

2. I need to bring something to the party tonight, e.g. chips or dip.
(Example of e.g. used to give alternatives)

3. I'm having trouble with this math problem. Can you give me an example? e.g. 3x+2=8
(Example of e.g. used to request an example)

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e.g. :

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