Definition & Meaning of "DQYDJ"

What does dqydj mean? View the definition of dqydj and all related slang terms containing dqydj below:

dqydj :
don't quit your day job

Usage of DQYDJ

The abbreviation DQYDJ is used to convey a message that suggests someone should continue to work in their current job instead of changing careers or pursuing a different profession. It is often used in a sarcastic or humorous way to communicate that someone's skills or abilities may not be suitable for a different career path.

Examples of DQYDJ used in texting:
1. Friend: "I think I want to quit my job and become a professional gamer."
You: "Hmm, DQYDJ my friend."
2. Co-worker: "I'm thinking of quitting my job and starting my own business."
You: "DQYDJ, you're great at what you do here!"
3. Family member: "I'm considering quitting my job and becoming an actor."
You: "DQYDJ, acting is a tough industry to break into."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dqydj"

dqydj :
don't quit your day job

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