Definition & Meaning of "DKDC"

What does dkdc mean? View the definition of dkdc and all related slang terms containing dkdc below:

dkdc :
don't know, don't care

Usage of DKDC

The abbreviation DKDC is commonly used in text messages and online conversations to convey the speaker's lack of interest or knowledge about a particular topic. It is a straightforward way of saying "I don't know and I don't care." People often use this abbreviation to express their disinterest in a topic or when they want to avoid discussing something altogether.

Example of DKDC used in texting:
1) Person A: Hey, did you hear about the new celebrity couple?
Person B: DKDC

2) Person A: What do you think about the upcoming election?
Person B: DKDC, I don't follow politics.

3) Person A: Do you want to go see the new superhero movie with us?
Person B: Sorry, DKDC. I'm not really into superhero movies.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dkdc"

dkdc :
don't know, don't care

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