Definition & Meaning of "DFU"

What does dfu mean? View the definition of dfu and all related slang terms containing dfu below:

dfu :
don't f**k up

Usage of DFU

The abbreviation DFU is a slang term used in texting to remind someone not to make any mistakes or errors in their actions or decisions. It is often used as a warning or a piece of advice for someone who is about to undertake a task, make an important decision or perform a job.

Examples of DFU used in texting:

1. Hey there, I know you're nervous about your job interview. Remember to dress professionally, be confident and DFU!
2. You're going on a blind date tonight? That's exciting! Just a quick reminder to be yourself and DFU.
3. I heard you're planning a surprise party for your friend's birthday. Make sure you have all the arrangements in place and DFU!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dfu"

dfu :
don't f**k up

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