Definition & Meaning of "D&DF"

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d&df :
drug & disease free

Usage of D&DF

The abbreviation D&DF stands for "drug & disease free" and is used to indicate that someone is not dealing with any drug abuse or any illness. It is often used in personal ads, messages, or dating apps, to indicate that potential partners should be free of any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or drugs. Using this abbreviation could be a way of showing the importance of having a healthy and safe relationship. In short, D&DF is a way of indicating that someone is free of any medical or drug-related issues, which increases their desirability as a partner.

Example 1:
Person A: Hi! I saw your dating profile, are you D&DF?
Person B: Yes, I'm totally D&DF. How about you?

Example 2:
Person A: Before we get more intimate, can we discuss our STD status?
Person B: Of course, I'm proud to say that I'm D&DF.

Example 3:
Person A: Can we meet for a coffee first? It's important to me that my dates are D&DF.
Person B: Sure, I completely agree. I'm free this weekend.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "d&df"

d&df :
drug & disease free

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