Definition & Meaning of "CRUNK"

What does crunk mean? View the definition of crunk and all related slang terms containing crunk below:

crunk :
combination of crazy and drunk

Usage of CRUNK

The term CRUNK is an abbreviation of the words crazy and drunk. It refers to a state of mind characterized by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and a simultaneous disregard for social norms and expectations. The term is often used colloquially to describe wild and boisterous behavior that is associated with parties and other social gatherings. In many ways, CRUNK can be seen as an expression of youthful energy and rebelliousness that is often associated with contemporary culture.

Examples of CRUNK used in texting:

1. Can't wait to get CRUNK with my friends tonight! 🍻🎉 #partytime #CRUNK #crazyanddrunk

2. OMG, last night was so CRUNK! 🤪🍻 I don't even remember half of what happened! #wildnight #CRUNK #yolo

3. Just got back from the CRUNK right now! 😜💃 #dancingqueen #CRUNK #crazyanddrunk

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "crunk"

crunk :
combination of crazy and drunk

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