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comnt :

Usage of COMNT

COMNT is an abbreviation commonly used in texting that stands for the word 'comment'. To 'comment' generally means expressing an opinion, remark or observation about something. In texting, the term is commonly used when someone is sharing an opinion or thought about something that has been said, shared or posted on social media. For example, someone might ask for a COMNT on an outfit they're considering wearing, or a friend might COMNT on a photo that you've posted online to let you know how great they think it looks. COMNT is also used in situations where someone wants feedback on a project or assignment.

Examples of COMNT used in texting:
1. Hey, can you take a look at this picture and give me your COMNT on the lighting?
2. Just saw your post about your new job, congrats! Wanted to COMNT and say how proud I am of you.
3. I'm having trouble with this article I'm writing, can you give it a read and COMNT on any parts that need improvement?

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comnt :

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