Definition & Meaning of "CLEVR"

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clevr :

Usage of CLEVR

The abbreviation "CLEVR" is derived from the word "clever" and is commonly used in texting to convey the same meaning in a more concise manner. It is typically employed when expressing admiration or acknowledging someone's intelligence, ingenuity, or quick-wittedness. By using "CLEVR," individuals are able to convey their thoughts more efficiently while maintaining a contemporary and casual tone.

Examples of CLEVR used in texting:
1. Text Message 1:
Person A: Just saw your latest artwork. It's so CLEVR! 🎨💡

2. Text Message 2:
Person A: Can't believe you solved that math problem already! You're seriously CLEVR. 🧮🤯

3. Text Message 3:
Person A: Your jokes always crack me up! You're the clevrest person I know. 😂👏

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clevr :

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