Definition & Meaning of "CID"

What does cid mean? View the definition of cid and all related slang terms containing cid below:

cid :
consider it done

Usage of CID

The abbreviation 'CID' is commonly used in texting and means 'consider it done'. It is a way of saying that you will take care of the task or request that has been given to you. It is often used in a professional setting, but can also be used among friends and family to assure someone that you will take care of something for them. Using 'CID' as an abbreviation can save time when texting, especially when you need to respond quickly.

Examples of CID used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, can you pick up some groceries on your way home?
You: CID, I'll stop by the store.

2. Boss: Can you send me the report by the end of the day?
You: CID, I'll have it to you by 5pm.

3. Family member: Can you take the dog for a walk tonight?
You: CID, I'll take him out for a nice long walk.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cid"

cid :
consider it done

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