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chk :

Usage of CHK

The abbreviation CHK is a common texting abbreviation meaning 'check'. This can refer to double-checking something, verifying information or simply confirming that you are still on the same page as the person you are texting with. It is often used to save time and space when texting, as it is much quicker to write 'CHK' than it is to write out the full word.

Examples of CHK used in texting:

1. Hey, can you CHK that email I just sent you to make sure I didn't forget anything? (Example of CHK used in checking something)
2. Let me just CHK my calendar and see if I'm free that day. (Example of CHK used in verifying information)
3. I think we're meeting at the coffee shop at 3 pm, but can you double CHK with everyone else? (Example of CHK used in confirming information)

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chk :

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