Definition & Meaning of "CBI"

What does cbi mean? View the definition of cbi and all related slang terms containing cbi below:

cbi :
can't believe it

Usage of CBI

The abbreviation CBI stands for 'can't believe it'. It is typically used in a casual conversation to express disbelief or surprise towards something that has been said or has happened. The abbreviation is commonly used in texting and instant messaging, because it's quicker and more convenient than typing out the whole phrase.

Examples of CBI used in texting:

1. Person 1: "I won the lottery last night!"
Person 2: "CBI! You're so lucky!"

2. Person 1: "My dog just jumped over the fence!"
Person 2: "CBI! That's insane!"

3. Person 1: "I just got accepted into Harvard!"
Person 2: "CBI! That's amazing! Congratulations!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cbi"

cbi :
can't believe it
icbi :
i can't believe it
icbiwoop :
I chuckled, but it was out of pity.

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