Definition & Meaning of "CBA"

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cba :
can't be arsed

Usage of CBA

The abbreviation CBA is a slang term used to convey apathy or disinterest in performing a task or activity. It stands for 'can't be arsed', which implies that the person is too lazy or lacking in motivation to do something. This phrase is often used informally among friends and colleagues, and is usually considered rude in more professional settings.

Example 1 of CBA used in texting:
Person 1: "Hey, want to come to the gym with me?"
Person 2: "CBA tbh, just wanna stay in and watch Netflix"

Example 2 of CBA used in texting:
Person 1: "Can you help me move this couch to the other room?"
Person 2: "CBA, my back hurts too much"

Example 3 of CBA used in texting:
Person 1: "We're meeting up for drinks later, are you coming?"
Person 2: "CBA, I'm already in my pajamas and ready for bed"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cba"

cba :
can't be arsed

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