Definition & Meaning of "C|N>K"

What does c|n>k mean? View the definition of c|n>k and all related slang terms containing c|n>k below:

c|n>k :
coffee through nose into keyboard

Usage of C|N>K

The abbreviation C|N>K is used to describe an unfortunate situation where someone accidentally spits out their coffee through their nose and onto their keyboard. It's typically used as a way to express laughter at a humorous or unexpected situation that caused someone to have this embarrassing reaction.

Example of C|N>K used in texting:
1) Friend 1: "Dude, you won't believe what happened in class today"
Friend 2: "What?"
Friend 1: "Our professor told a joke and I C|N>K"
2) "I just read the funniest meme and C|N>K"
3) "I was taking a sip of coffee while watching a hilarious video and C|N>K - it was worth it though!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "c|n>k"

c|n>k :
coffee through nose into keyboard

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