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c@ :

Usage of C@

The abbreviation c@ is a shorthand way of referring to the domestic feline known as a cat. It is often used in text messages as a way to save time and make typing quicker. C@ can be used in any context where you might want to refer to a cat, such as describing a photo or video of a cute kitten or sharing a funny cat meme with a friend.

Examples of c@ used in texting:
1. "OMG have you seen the new video of the c@ playing piano? It's so cute!" (Describing a viral video of a talented feline musician)
2. "I'm having the worst day ever. Send me some cute c@ pics to cheer me up please?" (Asking a friend for some adorable cat photos to improve mood)
3. "I just adopted a new c@ from the shelter and he's already stealing my heart ❤️" (Announcing the addition of a new pet to friends and family)

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c@ :

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