Definition & Meaning of "BYOB"

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byob :
Bring your own Beer

Usage of BYOB

The abbreviation BYOB stands for "bring your own beer." This abbreviation is often used when inviting people to a gathering or party where alcohol will be consumed. It indicates that guests should bring their own beer instead of depending on the host to provide it.

Example 1 (Examples of BYOB used in texting):
Hey, we're having a BBQ this weekend. BYOB, and we'll provide the burgers and hotdogs!

Example 2 (Examples of BYOB used in texting):
I'm having a small get-together tonight. Feel free to stop by, BYOB.

Example 3 (Examples of BYOB used in texting):
The concert is tonight! Don't forget to BYOB because drinks inside the venue are pretty expensive.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "byob"

byob :
Bring your own Beer

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