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btch :

Usage of BTCH

The abbreviation BTCH is a shorthand slang term for the word "b***h". This term is often used to describe a woman who is seen as unpleasant or difficult, or can be used as an insult. It can also be used humorously between friends in a playful way, but it can also be hurtful and disrespectful if used in a negative manner.

Example of BTCH used in texting:

1. Hey, did you hear that Jenny got promoted again? She's such a BTCH.
(Example of BTCH used in texting as an insult)

2. Sorry I can't hang out tonight, my roommate is being a BTCH and won't let me have any friends over.
(Example of BTCH used in texting to describe someone's behavior)

3. Lol, you're always so sassy! I love it when you act like a BTCH.
(Example of BTCH used in texting in a playful way between friends)

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btch :

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