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brd :

Usage of BRD

The abbreviation BRD is commonly used in texting and social media to express feelings of boredom or lack of interest in something. It is a shorthand way to let someone know that you are not engaged or entertained by what is happening or being shared. This abbreviation is often used by people of all ages and is a quick and easy way to convey this sentiment without having to type out an entire message.

Examples of BRD used in texting:

1. Friend: “Hey, do you want to come over and watch a movie tonight?”
You: “Sorry, I’m BRD. Maybe another time.”

2. Co-worker: “Have you finished that report yet?”
You: “No, I’m still working on it, but I’m so BRD right now.”

3. Family member: “Do you want to go out and do something today?”
You: “Not really, I’m BRD. I think I’ll just stay in and watch TV.”

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "brd"

brd :
sbrd :
so bored

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