Definition & Meaning of "BBZ"

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bbz :

Usage of BBZ

The term BBZ is a slang abbreviation used to address someone as 'babes'. It is often used between couples or friends as a term of endearment. The abbreviation is commonly used in texting and social media platforms to save time and to make the conversation more casual and friendly.

Examples of BBZ used in texting are:

1. Hey BBZ, do you want to grab some lunch together later?
2. I miss you so much, BBZ. When are we going to see each other again?
3. Goodnight, BBZ. Sweet dreams and talk to you tomorrow!

These messages show how the abbreviation can be used to show affection, endearment, and closeness in a message exchange. When used properly and appropriately, BBZ can be a fun and friendly way to communicate with someone close to you.

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bbz :

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