Definition & Meaning of "BBOL"

What does bbol mean? View the definition of bbol and all related slang terms containing bbol below:

bbol :
be back online later

Usage of BBOL

In the world of texting and online messaging, abbreviations are a common way to convey a message with fewer characters. One such abbreviation is BBOL, which stands for 'be back online later'. It is used when someone needs to take a break and sign off from an online chat or messaging platform, but intends to return at a later time to resume the conversation or catch up on messages.

Examples of BBOL used in texting:
1. "Sorry, I have to run some errands now. BBOL!"
2. "My phone battery is low, need to recharge. BBOL in an hour!"
3. "Got to attend a meeting now, will BBOL in an hour. Take care!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "bbol"

bbol :
be back online later

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