Definition & Meaning of "B00N"

What does b00n mean? View the definition of b00n and all related slang terms containing b00n below:

b00n :
new person

Usage of B00N

The abbreviation B00N is often used in texting to refer to someone who is new to a particular group or community. It is similar to the term "newbie" or "rookie." When used in this context, B00N is a way for people who have been a part of a group for a while to identify those who are unfamiliar with its norms or customs.

Example of B00N used in texting:
1. Hey, have you met the B00N in our class yet?
2. Welcome to the group! You're such a B00N, but we're glad to have you here.
3. The b00ns always ask the same questions, but we were all like that at first.

These text messages illustrate how B00N can be used in various contexts, from introducing someone new to the group to teasing them playfully. Overall, it is a useful abbreviation for quickly conveying information about someone's status within a particular community or social circle.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "b00n"

b00n :
new person

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