Definition & Meaning of "B-DAY"

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b-day :

Usage of B-DAY

The abbreviation B-DAY is commonly used in texting to indicate a person's birthday. It's a convenient way to convey the message quickly and efficiently without typing out the full word. B-DAY is derived from the word 'birthday' and it's widely accepted in digital communication as an abbreviation.

Example of B-DAY used in texting:

1. Hi, just wanted to wish you a happy B-DAY! Hope you have a great one today! 🎂🎉🎁 (Example of B-DAY used in texting to wish someone a happy birthday)

2. Hey, don't forget my B-DAY is next week! 😉 (Example of B-DAY used in texting to remind someone of their upcoming birthday)

3. I can't wait for your B-DAY! We're going to have so much fun celebrating! 🥳🎊🎈(Example of B-DAY used in texting to express excitement for someone's upcoming birthday)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "b-day"

b-day :

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