Definition & Meaning of "ATTN"

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attn :

Usage of ATTN

The abbreviation 'ATTN' means 'attention' and is often used in written communication to draw someone's attention to a specific message or piece of information. It is commonly used in email subject lines and written correspondence to ensure that the intended recipient sees an important message.

Examples of ATTN used in texting:
1. Example of ATTN used in texting: Hey, John! ATTN: Don't forget about the meeting tomorrow at 10 am.
2. Example of ATTN used in texting: ATTN: I just sent you an important document via email, please confirm that you have received it.
3. Example of ATTN used in texting: ATTN: Your package has been delivered, please make sure to pick it up from the front desk.

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attn :

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