Definition & Meaning of "AOS"

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aos :
adult over shoulder

Usage of AOS

The abbreviation AOS is a way to indicate that an adult is present and potentially monitoring a conversation. It is often used by teens who want to alert the person they are texting with that a parent or authority figure is nearby. This can be helpful in avoiding potential trouble or keeping the conversation appropriate.

Example 1:
Teen 1: Hey, what did you think of the party last night?
Teen 2: It was wild! AOS, my mom just walked in.

Example 2:
Teen 1: Did you hear about the new kid in school?
Teen 2: No, what's up? AOS, my teacher is right here.

Example 3:
Teen 1: I have some juicy gossip to share!
Teen 2: Wait, AOS. My little sister is in the room.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "aos"

aos :
adult over shoulder
cwmaos :
coffee with milk and one sugar
lmmfaos :
laughing my mother f**king ass off silly
rotflmaostc :
rolling on the floor laughing my ass off scaring the cat

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