Definition & Meaning of "ADN"

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adn :
any day now

Usage of ADN

The abbreviation ADN is commonly used in text messages to mean 'Any Day Now'. It suggests that something is likely to happen soon but without a specific date or time. It could be anything from an anticipated delivery, the arrival of a friend or family member, or even a significant event such as a promotion or a wedding.

Examples of ADN used in texting:

1) "Hey, have you heard anything about the exam results? I'm anxious to know if I passed." Response: "Not yet, but they should be out ADN. Don't worry, you got this!"

2) "I'm so excited to see you again! When are you coming back from your trip?" Response: "Should be ADN! I can't wait to catch up with you."

3) "I ordered a new laptop online and it's supposed to arrive soon. Can't wait to start using it!" Response: "That's awesome! It'll be ADN, hope it arrives earlier than expected."

Examples of ADN used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "adn"

adn :
any day now
somadn :
sitting on my ass doing nothing

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