Definition & Meaning of "AAK"

What does aak mean? View the definition of aak and all related slang terms containing aak below:

aak :
Alive and Kicking

Usage of AAK

The abbreviation AAK is a common slang phrase that means "Alive and Kicking." This expression is often used to describe someone who is doing well or thriving in life, despite any challenges they may be facing. It's a positive and upbeat way of acknowledging that someone is still going strong and not giving up.

Examples of AAK used in texting:
1. "Hey, how are you feeling after your surgery?" "I'm AAK, thanks for asking!"
2. "I heard you got a promotion at work, congrats!" "Thanks! I'm definitely AAK right now."
3. "Are you still getting over that cold?" "Yeah, but I'm AAK enough to go out tonight!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "aak"

aak :
Alive and Kicking

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