Definition & Meaning of "TYONG"

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tyong :
Thank you on god

Usage of TYONG

The abbreviation "TYONG" is commonly used in texting and stands for "Thank you on god." It is a way to express gratitude and acknowledge one's appreciation for something, adding emphasis by referencing a higher power. This abbreviation is often used when someone wants to thank another person sincerely and express their belief in the divine influence that has made the act or favor possible.

Examples of TYONG used in texting:

1. Text Message 1:
Person A: Hey, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all your support. I couldn't have achieved this without you. TYONG!
Person B: Aw, you're welcome! It was my pleasure to help. TYONG too!

2. Text Message 2:
Person A: Can't express how much your gift means to me. It's such a thoughtful gesture. TYONG!
Person B: You deserve it! I'm glad you love it. TYONG for being in my life!

3. Text Message 3:
Person A: Thank you for always being there for me, especially during tough times. Your support means everything. TYONG!
Person B: Of course! I'll always be here for you. TYONG for being such an amazing friend!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "Tyong"

Tyong :
Thank you on god

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