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skibidi :

Usage of SKIBIDI

The abbreviation "SKIBIDI" is often used in texting to mean "bad." This slang term is derived from the Russian dance-pop song "SKIBIDI" by the band Little Big, where the word is repeated as a part of the catchy chorus. In texting, "SKIBIDI" is typically used to describe something negative or unfavorable.

Examples of SKIBIDI used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Can't make it to the party tonight, my parents are making me stay home.
Friend 2: SKIBIDI, that's so lame!

2. Sibling: Mom said we have to clean our rooms before we can go out.
You: Ugh, SKIBIDI rules!

3. Classmate: The teacher just gave us a pop quiz today.
You: SKIBIDI test, I didn't even study!

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