Definition & Meaning of "PFB"

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pfb :
Please find below

Usage of PFB

The abbreviation PFB is commonly used in written communication, particularly in email or text messages. It stands for "Please find below" and is commonly used as a way to direct the recipient's attention to something that is listed afterward. For example, if someone is sending an email with an attachment, they may write "PFB the attached file" to indicate that the recipient should find the file below.

Examples of PFB used in texting:

1. Hi there! Thank you for your inquiry about our services. PFB more information about our pricing and packages.

2. Good morning! I hope this email finds you well. PFB the agenda for our meeting tomorrow afternoon.

3. Hey! I just wanted to follow up with you about the project we discussed last week. PFB the timeline we agreed upon.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "PFB"

Please find below

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