Definition & Meaning of "NGAS"

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ngas :
nobody gives a s**t

Usage of NGAS

The abbreviation NGAS is a slang term that stands for 'nobody gives a s**t'. As the phrase suggests, it conveys the idea that something is not interesting or important to anyone. Typically, this term is used in casual conversations or informal situations where the speaker wants to express their disinterest or apathy towards a subject.

Example of NGAS used in texting:
1. Friend A: Hey, did you hear about the new movie coming out?
Friend B: NGAS, I'm not really into movies.
2. Person A: I got a new haircut today!
Person B: NGAS, sorry but it doesn't really matter to me.
3. Boss: We need to finish this report by tonight.
Employee: NGAS, I'm taking a day off tomorrow.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "NGAS"

nobody gives a s**t

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