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53x :

Usage of 53X

The abbreviation 53X has a specific meaning in texting culture, as it refers to the act of sexual intercourse. It is often used as an abbreviation to quickly and discretely reference sexual activity in text messages. The number 53 is used to represent the letters 's' and 'e' in the word 'sex', with the 'x' standing in for the final letter. While the use of this abbreviation may be seen as crass or inappropriate by some, it is commonly used in casual conversation between friends or romantic partners.

Example text messages:

1. Hey, I had an amazing time with you last night. Can't wait for some more 53X soon 😉
(Example of 53X used in texting)

2. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you and all the 53X we've had together 💋
(Example of 53X used in texting)

3. I was going through old messages and found our conversation about 53X positions. We should try some of those again 😉
(Example of 53X used in texting)

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