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Usage of 4EVS

The abbreviation 4EVS is a popular texting abbreviation that stands for "forever". It is often used to express a lasting commitment or strong attachment to something or someone. When someone says "I love you 4EVS" in a text message, it means that their love is long-lasting and will never fade away. Similarly, when someone says "I'll be your friend 4EVS", they mean that their friendship will endure for a long time to come. 4EVS can also be used to signify a permanent choice or decision, such as "I'm going vegan 4EVS".

Examples of 4EVS used in texting:
1. "I promise to support you 4EVS, no matter what happens." - Example of 4EVS used to express a commitment.
2. "You're my best friend 4EVS, don't ever forget it!" - Example of 4EVS used to signify a lasting friendship.
3. "I'm quitting smoking 4EVS, I can't stand being a smoker anymore." - Example of 4EVS used to express a permanent decision.

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4evs :

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