Definition & Meaning of "143"

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143 :
I love you

Usage of 143

The abbreviation '143' is widely used in texting to convey the message 'I love you'. Each digit in 143 stands for a letter that defines the depth of feelings one has for someone special. The number 1 represents the letter 'I' denoting the person expressing the love; number 4 indicates the letter 'L' representing the word 'Love'; and finally, number 3 stands for the letter 'U' signifying 'You'. In short, '143' means that the person saying it loves and cares for the other person deeply.

Examples of 143 used in texting:
1. Hey babe, just wanted to remind you that I'm thinking of you and I miss you so much! 143
2. You make my heart skip a beat every time I think of you. 143
3. My love for you grows stronger every day. Always remember that I love you - 143

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "143"

143 :
I love you

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