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*67 :

Usage of *67

The abbreviation *67 means to hide or protect the caller's identity by blocking the person's number from showing up on the receiver's phone. This is particularly helpful when calling someone who may not have the caller's number saved or when the caller wants to remain anonymous. Using *67 will display the receiver's phone number as 'unknown' on their caller ID.

Examples of *67 used in texting:

1. "Hey, can you call me back? Just make sure to use *67 first." (Example of *67 used to protect identity)
2. "I need to call my ex, but I don't want him to have my number. I'll use *67." (Example of *67 used to hide identity)
3. "I'm calling my crush, but I'm too nervous to reveal my number. *67 it is!" (Example of *67 used to hide identity)

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*67 :

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