Definition & Meaning of "WYTTD"

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wyttd :
What you trying to do

Usage of WYTTD

The abbreviation WYTTD stands for "What you trying to do?" It is commonly used in texting or informal conversations to inquire about someone's plans or intentions. It is a way of asking someone what they are currently occupied with or what activity they are interested in pursuing. WYTTD is often used when trying to make plans or coordinate activities with someone. Now, let's see three examples of how WYTTD is used in texting:

Example 1 (Friends making plans):
Person A: Hey, I'm free this weekend. WYTTD?
Person B: I was thinking of going hiking. Wanna join?

Example 2 (Checking availability):
Person A: WYTTD tomorrow night?
Person B: I have a work commitment until 8, but I'm free afterward. What are you thinking?

Example 3 (Deciding on activities):
Person A: Haven't seen you in ages! WYTTD this summer?
Person B: Let's plan a beach day or go on a road trip. What do you think?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wyttd"

What you trying to do

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