Definition & Meaning of "WIWWY"

What does wiwwy mean? View the definition of wiwwy and all related slang terms containing wiwwy below:

wiwwy :
What is wrong with you

Usage of WIWWY

The abbreviation WIWWY is commonly used in text messaging and online conversations. It stands for "What is wrong with you" and is typically used to express frustration or confusion towards someone's behavior or actions. It can also be seen as a more direct way of asking someone if they are okay, but with a hint of annoyance.

Examples of WIWWY used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey, can you please stop ignoring my messages?
Person B: WIWWY? I've just been really busy.

2. Person A: Why are you always so late to our meetups?
Person B: WIWWY? I lost track of time.

3. Person A: Did you forget to do the project we were supposed to work on together?
Person B: WIWWY? Sorry, I had a lot going on and completely blanked on it.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wiwwy"

Wiwwy :
What is wrong with you

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