Definition & Meaning of "WFAU"

What does wfau mean? View the definition of wfau and all related slang terms containing wfau below:

wfau :
Who f**king asked you

Usage of WFAU

The abbreviation "WFAU" stands for "Who f**king asked you." It is a slang phrase used to indicate annoyance or indifference to someone's unsolicited opinion or input. When someone uses this abbreviation, they are essentially asking the person who made the comment why they felt the need to share their opinion if it was not requested. It is a blunt and often confrontational way to dismiss someone's viewpoint or to express frustration with unnecessary interference.

Examples of WFAU used in texting:

1. Friend A: "Hey, I think you should break up with your partner. They're not good for you."
Friend B: "WFAU. I didn't ask for your opinion."

2. Colleague A: "This project would be so much better if you did it my way."
Colleague B: "WFAU. I've got it under control, thanks."

3. Sibling A: "You should really start dressing differently. Your style is so outdated."
Sibling B: "WFAU. I don't need fashion advice from you."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wfau"

Wfau :
Who f**king asked you

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