Definition & Meaning of "IRDFC"

What does irdfc mean? View the definition of irdfc and all related slang terms containing irdfc below:

irdfc :
I really don't f**king care

Usage of IRDFC

The abbreviation IRDFC is a vulgar way of expressing that one is completely uninterested or indifferent to a given topic or situation. It is often used in text messaging when someone wants to make it clear that they have no desire to engage in the conversation or find the topic at hand to be of no importance. The abbreviation is commonly used in informal conversations and should be avoided in professional settings.

Examples of IRDFC used in texting:

1. Person A: Did you hear about the new dress code at work?
Person B: IRDFC, I'm not even planning on going back to work anytime soon.

2. Person A: Have you decided what you want to order for dinner?
Person B: IRDFC, just pick something for me. I'm starving.

3. Person A: Did you see the latest episode of that show we've been watching?
Person B: IRDFC, I fell asleep halfway through. You can tell me what happened if you want.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "irdfc"

Irdfc :
I really don't f**king care

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