Definition & Meaning of "FTWAH"

What does ftwah mean? View the definition of ftwah and all related slang terms containing ftwah below:

ftwah :
For the win a**h**e

Usage of FTWAH

The abbreviation "FTWAH" is a combination of two commonly used internet slang terms: "FTW" and "a**h**e." "FTW" usually stands for "For the win," indicating enthusiasm or support for something. On the other hand, "a**h**e" denotes someone who is obnoxious or rude. When combined, "FTWAH" conveys a sense of triumph or victory with a touch of sarcasm or insult towards someone or something.

Examples of FTWAH used in texting:

1. Text message: "Just aced my final exam! FTWAH!"
Explanation: The sender is expressing excitement and a sense of triumph after performing exceptionally well on their final exam, while subtly mocking anyone who doubted their abilities.

2. Text message: "My annoying coworker finally got fired! FTWAH!"
Explanation: The sender is celebrating the departure of an irritating colleague, feeling victorious and taking a playful jab at that person's behavior.

3. Text message: "I won the argument against my know-it-all sibling. FTWAH!"
Explanation: The sender is conveying satisfaction after successfully winning an argument with their sibling, using "FTWAH" to emphasize their victory and add a humorous undertone.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ftwah"

Ftwah :
For the win a**h**e

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