Internet & Text Slang Quiz

How well do you know internet slang?
Select the most common defintion for each term.

1. LOL
a)  Laugh Out Loud
b)  Laugh On Line
c)  Lots Of Love
d)  Love Of Laughs

2. POS
a)  Piece Of Sh*t
b)  Parent Over Shoulder
c)  Pop Or Soda
d)  Porn On Screen

3. BRB
a)  Burp! (excuse me)
b)  Barely Breathing
c)  Bell Rub
d)  Be Right Back

4. GF
a)  Good Friend
b)  Get F*cked
c)  Girlfriend
d)  Good Food

a)  No Boobs
b)  new person
c)  idiot
d)  none of our business

6. l33t
a)  One Thousand Three Hundred thirty-seven
b)  Thirteen Thirty
c)  I thirty three'd
d)  Elite

7. Less than three
a)  a small number
b)  A popular band
c)  Love
d)  Bad Odds

8. PAW
a)  A Dog or Cat's Foot
b)  Parents Are Watching
c)  Partnership For Animal Welfare
d)  Father

a)  Because You're Late
b)  Be Seeing You later
c)  Binocular
d)  This Doesn't Mean Anything.

10. adiem
a)  All Day I Eat Meat
b)  And I Am
c)  10 Cents
d)  This Doesn't Mean Anything

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